Pasture-Raised Eggs

At Lone Oak Farms, we have managed a flock of laying hens for more almost 40 years and offers pasture-raised, fresh, brown eggs that are available year-round. We have a rotational grazing system that allows our hens access to grass, insects, grit, fruit from our small orchard and plenty of sunshine. We also allow our chickens to free-range for a few hours a day. We would do more but predators are a problem. Our hens are fed certified organic feed which means no-GMO's or chemicals. Our flock is also antibiotic and added hormone free.

Each April we order day old chicks and raise them ourselves. Sometimes, a broody hen will bless us with some farm-hatched chicks!

Studies now confirm what we knew all along...pasture-raised eggs are better! Besides their freshness and great taste, eggs from grass-fed chickens have been shown to contain as much as 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids, 3 times the Vitamin E, 7 times the beta carotene, 4-6 times the Vitamin D, 67% as much Vitamin A, 33% less cholesterol and 50% less saturated fat. (Mother Earth News Feb/Mar 2009)

Our eggs are available at Miklas' Meat Market in Wheeling WV. We also offer them for sell from the farm when supplies allow.


One of our momma hens and her brood!

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