Pasture-Raised Eggs

At Lone Oak Farms, we have recently down-sized our chicken flock but do offer a limited amount of  pasture-raised, fresh, brown eggs that are available year-round. Our hens are outside and where they have access to grass, insects, grit, fruit from our small orchard and plenty of sunshine. We also allow our chickens to free-range for a few hours a day. We would do more but predators are a problem. Our hens are fed natural grains which means no-GMO's or chemicals. Our flock is also antibiotic and added hormone free.

Each April we order day old chicks and raise them ourselves. Sometimes, a broody hen will bless us with some farm-hatched chicks or we will incubate and hatch our own eggs. 

Studies now confirm what we knew all along...pasture-raised eggs are better! Besides their freshness and great taste, eggs from grass-fed chickens have been shown to contain as much as 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids, 3 times the Vitamin E, 7 times the beta carotene, 4-6 times the Vitamin D, 67% as much Vitamin A, 33% less cholesterol and 50% less saturated fat. (Mother Earth News Feb/Mar 2009)


One of our momma hens and her brood!

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